Texas DWI Lawyer in Texas for Plea Bargaining

What Is Plea Bargaining in a Texas DWI Case?

Texas DWI Plea Bargaining

You need to know all of your options before you agree to anything or decide to proceed through a trial in a drunk driving case in Texas. If you have the right lawyer, a plea bargain could be an option for you.

A knowledgeable DWI defense attorney will discuss with you whether or not a plea bargain is an option. Since every city and county in Texas has their own ways of determining DWI plea bargains, you need to have an attorney who can explain this to you. The first stage of your DWI plea deal process is the negotiation between your defense attorney and the district attorney’s office.

Accepting A Plea Bargain

If you elect to accept a plea bargain for DWI from the state of Texas, this is essentially a way of agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a reduced punishment. By taking a plea bargain, you are allowing the state to make the final decision on your DWI case rather than going through the process of a trial by jury. A plea bargain might be the right fit for you but only in particular situations. It can be hard to make these decisions on your own and this is where the support of a DWI defense lawyer who has represented numerous other people in this situation can help you make the right call for you.

Just because another person you know who received a DWI opted for a plea bargain, does not mean that you should or that you have to. Instead, this can be a mistake that costs you significantly if your lawyer believes that there is ample evidence that you could use to fight back as part of your criminal defense strategy. The support of an attorney is instrumental in helping you to articulate your next steps and how to appropriately protect yourself.

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