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You should not be lulled into a false sense of security by any given lawyer’s past results because every case is different and similar results may not be obtained in your case. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Nathaniel stood by me for several years...

Nathaniel stood by me for several years as he persuaded the prosecutors that I was not responsible for a death that occurred. In the end, they believed him and I could not have picked a better lawyer. – M.G.

Nathaniel is an incredible lawyer and I couldn't be more grateful for his services!

I was contacted by law enforcement that I was under investigation for a violent felony, a very surprising and confusing thing for me to discover. At our first meeting Nathaniel was able to explain the investigative and trial process, present a solid defense strategy and timeline, and answer all of the questions and concerns I had. Having never been under investigation or had any run-ins with the law previously, I had a LOT of questions.

Nathaniel worked very fast and thoroughly in preparing my defense, was in constant communication with me throughout the process, and was available at any time to discuss the case. He was able to present my defense to law enforcement and intervene before the investigation was even concluded. His defense for my case was so effective that charges weren’t even filed! I can’t be more grateful to Nathaniel for his hard work and expertise in handling my case and getting a result I couldn’t have imagined when I was first contacted by law enforcement. Hopefully I’ll never need a lawyer again, but if I do I know I’ll call Nathaniel. – C.N.

We had two attorneys prior to Nathaniel - and neither worked out.

I cannot recommend Nathaniel enough for a criminal defense attorney. My son has had a myriad of mental health issues from his young childhood through now (he’s 20) and was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a minor, where the sentencing can be 5 years to life! Nathaniel worked his butt off that resulted in what I think is a right and just decision – a NO BILL from the grand jury. We had two attorneys prior to Nathaniel – one court-appointed and one paid – and neither worked out. Either his mental health issues were too much to work with, or as his mom, caregiver, and advocated I was a “pain” for the other attorneys. But not for Nathaniel – he answered all my questions, never hesitated to answer the phone when I called, responded to my text messages quickly, and in a nutshell understood how hard this was for my son and our family and showed genuine concern and empathy. This was the worst year of my life living this out with my son, and am SO glad I found Nathaniel. I pray I never need him again, but if I would, hands down I’d be calling him right away. Hire him – you won’t regret it. – G.F.

When extensively researching a Criminal Defense Attorney, I luckily came across Nathaniel Pitoniak.

Not only did he successfully dismiss my felony case at hand, he did so without having me appear in court numerous times. To say the weight on my shoulders was lifted, is an absolute understatement. He went above and beyond to ensure I was well informed throughout the duration of the entire process. I would highly recommend Mr. Pitoniak. FOREVER GRATEFUL & THANKFUL, SIR! – L.R.

Nathaniel was extremely reassuring and positive throughout my entire case.

My case was difficult due to some evidence against me. But he pressed forward. Was optimistic the whole time and always responded quickly. Guided me through the whole process patiently and he got my case dismissed. He really pulled through and changed my life. This dismissal helped me get promoted at work and now I can sleep well. Highly recommend Nathaniel. Literally changed my life for the better. – J.K.

Words can not describe how grateful I am to have had Nathaniel represent me.

This process is scary for anyone especially when you are looking at hard time. His attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond was incredible. I could honestly write a novel if I listed everything in detail. Anytime I had a question whether it was early morning, middle of the night or on the weekends he went out of his way to give me the best advise and put me at ease. BELIEVE ME when I say this you won’t find anyone better. Trust his process because this man is a genius playing master level chess! – J.H.

Two felony assault charges dismissed. If I could rate higher than five stars I certainly would.

Nathaniel is a true professional and is dedicated to the best outcome possible. I also read his reviews at the beginning of my cases with skepticism but soon realized that all the great things people said about him were true and I put complete faith in him. Nathaniel found evidence the prosecution was unaware of and used his extensive experience to get my cases dismissed. As a professional, I was concerned about my career, considerable jail time, and overall loss of normalcy. Nathaniel gave me my life back and I’ll be forever grateful. I recommend his wonderful services to anyone. Thank you Sir God Bless you. – R.G.

Mr. Nathaniel responded to us immediately and kept us informed throughout the case.

If you need to get a strong advocate on your side, I would highly recommend Mr. Nathaniel. As he is truly compassionate about his clients and maintains professionalism at the same time.
We need more attorneys like him.. God bless! – S.P.