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In the United States, anyone who is charged with a crime is legally considered innocent until proven guilty. Additionally, everyone is entitled to legal representation from an attorney. Regardless of whether the defendant is innocent or not, most individuals who face criminal charges should consider discussing their case with an experienced criminal defense attorney in order to understand their legal rights and options. If you have been arrested and are seeking guidance from a Katy, TX criminal lawyer, you can learn more about your case by calling the Law Office of former felony prosecutor Nathaniel Pitoniak at (832) 315-6283 for your free consultation.

A Former Harris County Prosecutor’s Perspective

Nathaniel Pitoniak’s prior experience as a Harris County prosecutor for both misdemeanor and felony cases has shaped him as an excellent Harris County criminal defense lawyer. He has an inside perspective specifically with respect to how this prosecutor’s office works. Additionally, Nathaniel can draw on his experience representing the other side of the judicial system when constructing an effective legal defense for his clients.

This comprehensive perspective of the criminal justice system can prove useful for many of the typical duties of a defense attorney. For example, an understanding of how both prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers approach plea deals can be helpful when attempting to negotiate a favorable agreement for a client. Experience prosecuting cases in the same jurisdiction where his clients have been charged allows Nathaniel to effectively represent clients in local cases.

Helping Our Clients in the Following Practice Areas of Criminal Law

As a criminal defense lawyer in Katy, TX, and throughout Harris County, attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak represents clients in the following types of criminal cases:

  • Assault – Representation for all Texas assault charges, including aggravated assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other assault-related charges.
  • Child Endangerment – Both child endangerment and child abandonment are felonies in Texas, which carry possible prison sentences if convicted.
  • Credit Card Fraud – Texans charged with credit card fraud may face state felony jail charges, as well as federal charges in some cases.
  • Drug Crimes Drug charges in Katy, Texas fall into one of four penalty categories, and can be either misdemeanors or felonies depending on the drug, quantity, and whether it was being distributed.
  • DWI – Along with possible jail time and fines, those found guilty of DWI may also lose their license.
  • Fraud – A fraud defense lawyer can represent clients against various fraud-related charges, such as deceptive business practices, commercial bribery, and bad checks.
  • Gun Charges – Nathaniel Pitoniak represents clients facing gun charges and other offenses that involve the use of firearms, such as armed robbery.
  • Murder – A criminal defense lawyer can thoroughly investigate murder or manslaughter charges and help a defendant identify possible viable defense strategies.
  • Organized crime – A crime committed by three or more people working together qualifies as organized crime and typically involves other charges, such as money laundering and theft.
  • Sex crimes – A strong legal defense is crucial for those facing sex crime charges, as a conviction carries harsh penalties, including registration as a sex offender.
  • Theft crimes Title 7, Chapter 37 of Texas state law recognizes various theft offenses, including retail theft, theft of service, theft of trade secrets, theft of a firearm, and unauthorized use of a vehicle.
  • White-collar crimes – Financial crimes like embezzlement or money laundering are often referred to colloquially as white-collar crimes and may require legal representation.

What To Do After Being Arrested in Katy, TX

The actions someone takes after an arrest can potentially influence the outcome of their case. For example, the police could use statements as evidence for filing additional charges, which would not have been possible if the accused had not spoken to them after their arrest and without an attorney present. Here are a few factors to keep in mind if you are arrested.

Consider Posting Bail, if Possible

Following an arrest, a serious priority should usually be getting out of jail. Depending on the amount of the bail and the means of the arrested individual, it may be necessary to contact a bail bond company for assistance. An experienced criminal defense attorney may also be able to get bail reduced, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Do Not Talk to the Police Without a Lawyer

If the police attempt an interrogation, it is best to avoid answering any of their questions or responding to any of their statements until a Katy, TX criminal defense lawyer is present. The right to remain silent is designed to protect citizens from self-incrimination, as anything you say can later be used against you in court by the prosecution. Even those who are innocent of the charges they face can still make statements that the police and prosecution can use as evidence of their guilt.

Consider Contacting a Katy, TX Defense Attorney

After being arrested, individuals facing charges should consider their legal options. While the criminal justice system is required to provide a public defender if necessary, many defendants instead hire private criminal defense lawyers. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can represent their clients through all steps of the criminal justice process in Katy, TX, including:

  • Before charges are filed – In some cases, an attorney may be able to get charges dropped before the district attorney officially files them.
  • Arraignment – This is when formal charges are filed and the court appoints an attorney -if the defendant qualifies for a public defender. The defendant will also have the option to enter a plea. An attorney can speak on their client’s behalf, potentially request that the charges are dropped, and/or file motions during an arraignment.
  • Pretrial process – Defendants who plead not guilty move on to the pretrial hearing and the plea-bargaining process. In some cases, the prosecution and defense lawyers agree to a plea agreement, such as pleading guilty to a lesser charge in exchange for a lighter sentence. The case can also be dropped at this stage in some situations.
  • Trial – A defense attorney will represent their client through all stages of a trial, including jury selection, the presentation of both sides of the case, and closing arguments.
  • Post-verdict – If the jury finds the defendant guilty, an experienced criminal defense attorney will continue to represent their clients in all post-trial activities, including sentencing and appeals.

Contact a Katy, TX Criminal Lawyer for Free to Learn More About Your Case

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Katy, TX, consider legal representation. A Katy, TX criminal defense lawyer can represent you through each step of the judicial process and help you make important legal decisions based on the facts of your case. Contact former felony prosecutor Nathaniel Pitoniak today at (832) 315-6283 to learn more in a free case evaluation.