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Have you been charged with compelling prostitution of a child? This is an allegation that you need to take seriously. If you are being questioned, accused of, or charged with it, seek out a child prostitution defense attorney immediately. The Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak can provide you with immediate support. Contact us 24/7 for the help you need to protect your rights.

What Is Compelling Prostitution of a Child?

Any level of prostitution is considered illegal in Texas. It is a “public decency” offense. When charged with compelling prostitution of a child, there may be a claim of forcing a child to engage in these acts. Let’s explain what this means.

Prostitution under Texas law is described as any incident in which a person causes or encourages a child to engage in prostitution, which is the selling of sexual acts for financial gain. A person charged with compelling this type of action is not necessarily prostituting themselves but encouraging a child under the age of 18 to do so. It does not matter what the age of the child is at the time nor what the child “wishes” to do.

Texas Laws on Compelling Prostitution of a Child

Prostitution itself is illegal in Texas, and the state’s laws define this as:

Texas Penal Code § 43.02-43.06 as a sex offense in Texas committed if a person knowingly offers or agrees to:

  • receive a fee from another to engage in sexual conduct”


  • pay a fee to another person for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct with that person or another”

When it is done by a minor when encouraged or supported in any way by an adult, that is considered compelling of a child to engage in prostitution.

Today, these laws cover a wide range of areas, including online solicitation of a minor, promoting prostitution in any way, or compelling prostitution.

Compelling prostitution in Texas is further defined under Texas Penal Code Sec. 43.05, in which a person knowingly causes

  • A person to commit prostitution
  • Or by any means in a person that is under the age of 18

If you are charged with this type of crime, it is critical to have a child prostitution defense attorney by your side. This helps to minimize risks and ensures your rights are protected throughout the legal process. Don’t head into court or answer questions unless you have an attorney by your side to help and guide you.

What are the penalties for Compelling Prostitution in a minor in Texas?

Each situation is very different, yet those who are charged with compelling prostitution in a child in Texas could face 2 to 20 years in prison. The fines for this type of crime can be $10,000, and sometimes more, depending on the situation.

In situations where there is any type of forced prostitution, this can be elevated to a 1st degree felony, the most serious form. This can lead to jail time for 5 to 99 years or life.

Those who are charged with and found guilty of any type of child prostitution could face long-term probation after a jail sentence.

Because of the consequences possible here, it is critical for you to have an attorney with ample experience in this specific area of the law. Compelling prostitution of a child charges in Texas can change your life.

How can the Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak help you in this case?

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, aggressive legal defense in cases like this. That means we work closely with you to ensure your needs are met throughout the process.

Meet with us to discuss the charges you are facing. Then, our team will:

  • Work to gather evidence to support your claims
  • Work to get charges dropped when possible
  • Work to get charges reduced when possible
  • Prevent charges from impacting your ability to work or engage in life if proven innocent
  • Support you in your case, including defending you in a court of law
  • Providing you with ongoing support

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Nathaniel Pitoniak understands how worrisome these charges can be for you. That is why we offer an aggressive legal defense. With experience and a dedication to our clients, we can help you to minimize the impact these charges have on you and your future.

At the Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak, we recognize the seriousness of these charges and commit to providing our clients with exceptional support. Your privacy is protected when you discuss your case with us. For that reason, we encourage you to seek out a defense attorney to help you navigate these types of claims.

Top Questions About This Type of Criminal Charge

Is pimping or pandering the same thing as compelling prostitution?

There are a number of terms used to describe these types of activities. Pimping and pandering are terms that may often be involved in this type of claim, though they can be different from the act of compelling. If you have been charged with any of these crimes or charges, ensure you have an attorney by your side to defend you.

How do I know that my rights were protected during illegal search and seizure?

In many cases of compelling prostitution of a child, there will be searches and seizures of evidence by the police. However, you have constitutional rights, and our goal is to ensure those rights are protected. If you believe that your rights were violated, we encourage you to contact an attorney immediately for help.

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