Do you need a criminal defense lawyer for embezzlement charges in Houston?

Embezzlement charges are a version of theft in the state of Texas. Embezzlement is essentially financial theft from an employer or an institution in which the defendant had access to their financial accounts or goods and then stole those assets for personal gains. Most cases of embezzlement also fall under fraud, due to the deception and malicious intent associated with them. Nathaniel Pitoniak is an experienced white-collar crimes lawyer in Houston who has successfully represented defendants accused of embezzlement.

Embezzlement can include the following:

  • theft of cash from an employer.
  • theft of goods or services from an employer
  • transferring corporate or business funds to the personal account of the defendant.
  • altering financial records to conceal income from an employer.

Embezzlement Charges

The possible penalties for embezzlement in Texas depend on the value of money or goods stolen. The severity of punishment can range from a misdemeanor (up to one year in jail) to a first-degree felony (five to 99 years in state prison).

To identify where your case may fall on this spectrum, a misdemeanor is for theft up to $1,500 and felonies begin once you cross that $1,500 and up range. The most severe will be when over $200,000 in value has been embezzled, which is a first-degree felony. The defendant’s eligibility for probation will depend on their prior criminal history and the severity of the accusations. It’s important to note that in Texas, embezzlement charges must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so the prosecutor will have to explicitly prove you acted with ill-intent.

Defense Strategies for Embezzlement Accusations

Although embezzlement cases vary significantly from case to case, your defense strategy for challenging an embezzlement charge will depend on:

  • It was a mistake – On occasion, the defendant and their legal counsel can prove they did not intend to alter company financial records, but it was an honest mistake.
  • Lack of malicious intent – If the defendant didn’t know their actions would deprive the owner of the true value of an asset, whether money or goods, they could be excused from conviction.
  • Consent was given by the owner or an executive – If you were following orders without knowing your actions were unlawful, it could be proven you didn’t intend to embezzle money or goods.

Why Do You Need a Defense Attorney?

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