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  • Former Felony Prosecutor
  • Former Chief Prosecutor
  • Over A Decade of Experience

Nathaniel knows the court system!

He knows how prosecutors think, and knows how to create reasonable doubt.

What to look for in a criminal defense lawyer


Former Felony Prosecutor & Chief Prosecutor

Former Felony Prosecutor & Chief Prosecutor

Nathaniel Pitoniak is a former Felony Prosecutor & Chief Prosecutor at the Harris County District Attorney's Office. Now he focuses his practice exclusively on the aggressive defense of people charged with crimes.

24/7 Availability

24/7 Availability

Nathaniel Pitoniak knows there are constant developments throughout each case and because of this, he makes himself available to his clients all the time. Pitoniak Law is on-call and available to you no matter the situation. If you’re wondering “Where can I find a criminal lawyer near me that can protect my rights?”, you’ve come to the right place.

Quality not Quantity

Quality not Quantity

The Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak is not a volume practice. We don't strive to get a high volume of cases because we want to provide a high quality of work. With over ten years in practice, Nathaniel Pitoniak has extensive trial experience and talent. He received a not guilty verdict on a client charged with a serious felony facing 25 years to life in prison.

Relationship & Focus-based

Relationship & Focus-based

Every case that Nathaniel Pitoniak takes on is treated with the same focus and sound legal representation necessary to effectively defend your case. Pitoniak Law strives to build relationships with every client and defend their case with the goal of winning.


Criminal Defense Attorney

Nathaniel Pitoniak

Looking for the best criminal defense lawyer near you?  Nathaniel Pitoniak is a former Felony Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office who has practiced law for over a decade. He is a fierce advocate who has tried tough cases and achieved great results. Through hard work and preparation, combined with his experience of how the prosecutor’s office works, Nathaniel has obtained dismissals, favorable reductions to lesser offenses, or pre-trial diversions without the necessity of trial. He has represented people from many different backgrounds including working class people, veterans, and professionals such as doctors, business people, and pharmacists. He frequently represents non-citizens facing potential immigration consequence.  Help is nearby. Call his office in Houston, TX today.

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Are you facing criminal charges in the Houston area?

Former Harris County prosecutor Nathaniel Pitoniak is one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Huston becuase he knows the court system, and understands your situation.

Criminal defense services:

  • DWI

    Are you facing a DWI charge in the Houston area? If you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or another substance, an experienced DWI attorney can protect your rights, but it is essential to retain an attorney quickly.

    Experienced Houston DWI lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak can help you to minimize or avoid fines and jail time, or even avoid a conviction for DWI, and can help you retain the ability to drive legally by contesting a drivers license suspension or by helping you to get an occupational drivers license so that you can drive your vehicle.

  • Felony Crimes

    Have you been charged with a felony in Texas? Houston felony lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak has prosecuted felony cases on behalf of the state of Texas. He has also successfully defended clients charged with violent felonies, drug crimessexual assault and other serious felony charges that can carry heavy fines and long prison sentences.

    He understands what motivates felony prosecutors and juries, and is familiar with local courts and law enforcement. He will skillfully negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf, and aggressively defend your rights and your freedom in a courtroom.


    Are you facing drug charges? The state of Texas has legislated some of the harshest penalties for drug crimes in the United States.

    If you find yourself faced with drug charges, including possession, sales, distribution, trafficking or manufacturing of narcotics, Houston drug defense attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak will protect your rights and help you protect your freedom, by structuring a defense strategy to help you get the lightest sentence possible, have your charges reduced, or even dismissed.


    Have you been charged with a sex crime? Sex crime charges are very serious, as are the potential penalties, including long prison sentences (up to life) and heavy fines. The sex offender registry can also make it very difficult to get work or even find a place to live.

    Houston sexual assault attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak knows that emotional testimony can sometimes lead to the conviction of an innocent person. It is important to choose an attorney who knows the court system, and knows how to demonstrate reasonable doubt in the face of serious accusations.


    Facing assault charges? Assault charges can result in serious jail time, penalties, and long term loss of rights.

    If you’ve been charged with an assault crime such as family violence, assault or aggravated assault, Houston assault lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak will aggressively defend you in court, and negotiate with prosecutors to try to minimize your sentence and reduce or even dismiss your charges.


    Facing soliciting or prostitution charges? Criminal charges related to prostitution can be damaging to a person’s reputation and livelihood, and can result in months of incarceration, along with hefty fines and restitution.

    Houston prostitution attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak is very familiar with prostitution cases, and has successfully negotiated pre-trial deals on behalf of clients to protect their privacy and avoid a guilty plea.


    Have you been charged with fraud or another white collar crime? Fraud and related charges, including money laundering, embezzlement, identity theft, credit card abuse, mortgage and insurance fraud, can carry significant jail sentences for a convicted person. This kind of conviction can also be very damaging to a person’s reputation and career.

    A fraud conviction requires clear evidence and criminal intent. Houston fraud lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak is a former Harris County prosecutor who will defend your rights, and pursue a strategy to vigorously challenge every aspect of the fraud charges that have been brought against you.


    Do you need to clear your record, or have your records sealed? If your case was dismissed, you were found not guilty, or you were arrested but not charged, you may be able to have your record Expunged.

    If your case was resolved via deferred adjudication and you have successfully completed the specified terms, you may be able to apply for Nondisclosure to seal your case records from the public.

    Houston expungement attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak can file a petition for Expunction or Nondisclosure and litigate on your behalf.


    Worried about burglary or theft charges? Theft and burglary convictions carry serious penalties in the state of Texas, and long prison sentences are handed down by Houston courts in both burglary and theft cases.

    Houston theft lawyer (and former Harris county prosecutor) Nathaniel Pitoniak will pursue an aggressive strategy to achieve the best outcome in your case, which may include demonstrating that your intent was not criminal, that you may have believed you had a legitimate claim to certain property, or that you were mistakenly identified.


    Have you been charged with a misdemeanor in Texas? Misdemeanors are classified as less serious crimes than felonies. Nevertheless, they can result in substantial fines and up to a year in jail.

    You need a skilled and experienced Houston misdemeanor attorney to defend your rights and represent you in court. In some cases, former prosecutor Nathaniel Pitoniak may also negotiate on your behalf with prosecutors toward having your charges reduced or dismissed.