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Do you need your record cleared or sealed?

Expunctions and nondisclosures (sealing records) can be helpful because they may provide you the opportunity to deny that you were arrested when you apply for jobs or undergo comprehensive background checks.


If a person’s case was dismissed, they received a not-guilty verdict at trial, or were arrested but never charged, they may be able to have this record expunged. An expungement order commands law enforcement and other governmental agencies to destroy all records of an arrest/charge from the person’s criminal record.

Nondisclosures/Sealing Records

A person who successfully completes a deferred adjudication—without being revoked or the probation being terminated—may obtain an order of nondisclosure from the judge. Entitlement to an order of nondisclosure depends upon the particular offense charged and the amount of time that has elapsed since completion of the deferred adjudication.  If granted, the order of nondisclosure prevents governmental agencies from releasing any record of the arrest or deferred adjudication to the public.

Why Do You Need a Defense Lawyer?

If you are in Harris County or surrounding counties such as Fort Bend, Montgomery, or Galveston County and interested in petitioning for an order of nondisclosure or expunction, you will need an experienced and successful criminal defense lawyer such as Nathaniel Pitoniak to help you file and litigate your petition. The process for obtaining an order of nondisclosure can be complicated, so it’s important to have someone like Nathaniel on your side to make sure your order gets signed. Call Nathaniel Pitoniak at the Pitoniak Law Firm at (832) 315-6283 for a free consultation today; he will not charge to determine your eligibility for an order of nondisclosure or expunction.