Do you need a criminal defense attorney for credit card abuse offenses near Houston?

We live in a world of digital currency, where paying for things is as easy as tapping a piece of plastic to a little screen. Using someone else’s debit or credit card without their permission, whether by mistake or on purpose, can get you into serious legal trouble; carrying heavy consequences and penalties when a conviction occurs. Understanding what constitutes credit card abuse and what to do if you are under investigation for fraudulently using a credit or debit card is very important. Hiring a credit card abuse attorney will help you understand the legal implications and what to do if you’ve been charged.

What is Credit Card Abuse?

Any transaction processed with a credit or debit card with the purpose of fraudulently accessing funds to complete a transaction is considered credit card abuse. The purpose of which is to obtain goods or services without paying, or to gain unauthorized access to funds from an account. There are many different types of credit card fraud and the term includes, but is not limited to, the theft of another cardholders card or account number, the use of an expired or canceled card for the purchase of goods or services, or the use of someone else’s information to open a credit or debit card account. This also falls under the umbrella of identity theft. – snippet potential

Credit Card Fraud Charges

The charge of credit card fraud can have wide-varying consequences. In the state of Texas, it is considered a state jail felony and a conviction can mean punishments of anywhere from 180 days to 2 years in a state jail, with a maximum fine of $10,000. When committed against an elderly individual it becomes a felony of the third degree. For repeat offenses or under certain circumstances, state and federal authorities will make a decision on whether a person should be prosecuted at the state level or the federal level.

More information on the exact breakdown of what is considered credit card abuse and the penalties, it carries within the Texas penal system under section 32.31.

Defense Strategies for Credit Card Abuse Accusations

If you are under investigation or facing credit card abuse charges, don’t hesitate to contact the Pitoniak Law firm. As a skilled credit card fraud attorney, we will use a strong combination of different methods for your defense strategy.

  • Mistaken Identity – if you are not the one who used the card fraudulently or intended to use someone else’s card, we can work to prove that there has been a mistake in identifying the correct perpetrator. This strategy is most beneficial when combined with a confirmable alibi
  • Lack of Intent – there can be extenuating circumstances where you were under the impression you had the authority to use another person’s card with the intention of paying them back. We will work with you and look for evidence to support that claim.
  • Lack of Knowledge – mistakes do occur and there is the possibility that you did not know you were using another person’s card, or a canceled or expired card. If this is the case, we will seek to prove you were not aware that you were committing an illegal act.

Why Do You Need a Credit Card Abuse Attorney?

We’ve often heard clients say, “I didn’t know where to find a credit card abuse lawyer near me?” and we’re so happy they found the Pitoniak Law Firm. Whether you live in Montgomery County, Galveston County or somewhere in between and you need a criminal defense attorney, call Nathaniel Pitoniak at (832) 648-1532 for a free consultation!

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