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Those living in the United States are protected by certain federal and state rights. Every person charged with a crime has the presumption of innocence and the right to legal counsel. If you have been charged with a crime, a Spring, TX criminal lawyer could potentially help you with your case. Former felony prosecutor Nathaniel Pitoniak is prepared to help anyone facing criminal charges understand their case and their options: call Nathaniel Pitoniak today at (832) 315-6283 to learn more.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you were arrested, contacting a criminal justice lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and ensure they remain protected. However, not all attorneys are equal, and it is important to know what to look for when considering hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Some of the more important factors to consider when searching for a Spring, TX criminal lawyer include the following:

  • Geographic location – It is usually important to consider hiring a lawyer who practices in the same geographic location where the charges were filed. Local lawyers will better understand local laws and how the local courts function.
  • Experience – Attorneys with several years of experience may have a better understanding of the system. Other relevant experience, such as time spent as a prosecutor, could also be an important factor.
  • Areas of Practice – Defendants should usually search for a lawyer who regularly represents clients with the same charges the defendant faces.
  • Reviews – What is the lawyer’s reputation? A Google search for reviews and testimonials can give insight into how experienced a potential lawyer might be.

Practice Areas – Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak

If you are considering hiring a criminal defense lawyer, areas of practice should be a primary concern. As a former prosecutor in Harris County, Nathaniel Pitoniak has prosecuted and defended against a variety of criminal charges. The Law Office of Nathaniel Pitoniak currently offers legal counsel in the following types of criminal cases:

  • Sex crimes – When facing a lengthy prison sentence and lifetime sex offender registry requirements, a strong legal defense is key. An attorney may be able to fight false sex crime charges or minimize penalties by negotiating a plea deal.
  • Violent crimes Assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence, murder, and other violent crime charges must be taken seriously. A seasoned Spring, TX criminal lawyer may be the best defense against such charges, depending on the case.
  • Drug crimes – Charges for possessing or selling drugs are among some of the most common criminal offenses in Texas. In some cases, a lawyer can fight for an acquittal of drug charges, In others, a plea deal may be a legal option, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.
  • DWI – A DWI charge can include several legal options. Some people are falsely accused of DWI based on faulty evidence, such as misinterpretation of field sobriety tests. An experienced criminal defense lawyer may also be able to negotiate a reduced sentence.
  • Gun crimes Gun charges like unlawful possession of a firearm may be negated with a strong legal defense. Additionally, other crimes that involve the use of a weapon, such as aggravated assault, should be taken seriously. Learn more about your legal options by contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney in Texas today.
  • Child endangerment and child abandonment – Sometimes people are falsely accused of child endangerment. For example, a parent falsely accused of driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle could also face a child endangerment charge. Both the innocent and guilty are entitled to legal counsel.
  • Fraud and other financial offenses – Some people fail to understand that white-collar crimes, such as money laundering or embezzlement, can result in long prison terms or substantial fines.

What to Avoid After Your Arrest

Your actions during and following an arrest can have major implications on how your criminal case plays out. For example, talking to the police following your arrest without an attorney present could provide them with statements that are later used as evidence in a criminal trial. Sometimes, the police may try to coerce a confession and talk a suspect into admitting guilt, even when they were innocent.

Additionally, going through the criminal justice system without legal counsel can also greatly influence a case. Decisions made without a lawyer can possibly hurt the defendant. Here are a few examples:

  • Entering a plea when the defendant may have had a chance to beat the charges.
  • Failing to negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or a plea deal.
  • Making incriminating statements in court when they did not need to answer.

Hiring an experienced Spring, TX criminal lawyer soon after an arrest could help ensure that a client’s rights are protected. Criminal justice lawyers understand the intricacies of the legal system and what clients need to avoid.

How Can a Spring, TX Criminal Lawyer Help Defendants?

Each criminal case has unique circumstances and should be evaluated individually. Criminal defense lawyers can specifically examine all of the relevant factors in a criminal case. This evaluation can then be used to begin constructing a legal defense for the individual who has been charged.

Legal representation can become key throughout all facets of the criminal justice process, including:

  • Interrogation, detainment, and arrest by police.
  • Preliminary hearings when charges are officially filed.
  • Pretrial hearings
  • Meetings and negotiations with prosecutors, including potential plea deals or even dropped charges.
  • Jury trials. Defense lawyers with previous trial experience may give the defendant more confidence.
  • Sentencing hearings if the defendant is found guilty.
  • The appeals process after a guilty verdict and sentencing.

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Many individuals facing criminal charges want to learn more about the charges they face and their legal options. In many cases, a veteran criminal defense lawyer can answer the questions defendants have regarding their case, their legal rights, and their options. An experienced Spring, TX criminal lawyer can analyze a case and determine all the legal options available to handle the charges. If you would like to know more about your criminal case, contact the Law Firm of Nathaniel Pitoniak today at (832) 315-6283 for a free case evaluation.