Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Houston Now

In virtually every case, the sooner you hire a criminal defense attorney after being charged with a crime—or even when you think you are the subject of a criminal investigation—the better off you will be. When your attorney is on board right from the beginning, he is better able to build a solid defense on your behalf. Having a criminal defense lawyer in your corner early on ensures you do not inadvertently say the wrong thing to the police or other law enforcement agency. It is easier for your Houston criminal defense lawyer to properly represent you when they are on your case from beginning to end.

Very often, individuals believe they can somehow “explain” their side of the story in a way that will protect them but find themselves very disappointed in the outcome. Remember this: police officers are trained to extract information from you and, once they have your statements on the record, they absolutely will take those statements and use them against you, even if that means taking your words out of context.

Law enforcement may lie to you in the interests of furthering their investigation. That means that if a police officer tells you “If you will just tell me what happened, we can all go home.” What the officer means is that he or she can go home—not you. The goal is always to coerce you into incriminating yourself and making their job that much easier. Never, ever, think of law enforcement as your friend when you are under investigation for a Houston criminal offense.

Understanding this is an extremely stressful time for you, consider speaking to Houston criminal defense lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak. Nathaniel will ensure your rights and your future are protected, to the extent possible. Nathaniel will build a defense on your behalf, using every avenue to secure the best outcome possible for your Houston criminal charges. You can help attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak do his job, by calling him as soon as you have been charged, or even sooner if you know you are under investigation.

The average person does not have a full understanding of the law, and it is not a wise decision to speak to law enforcement without first hiring an attorney. Remember, you are given the Miranda Warning for a reason—it is important that you take your rights seriously and remain silent until you have a chance to speak to Houston criminal defense attorney, Nathaniel Pitoniak.

I Have Been Charged with Money Laundering—When Should I Hire an Attorney?

Money laundering falls under the umbrella of “white-collar crimes” that violates both State and Federal laws. The state of Texas will charge money laundering when an individual knowingly handles criminal money, invests criminal money, invests “cleaned” money into a criminal enterprise, or supervises the transactions of criminal money. In short, a legitimate business is used to “launder” money in order to conceal its illegal source.  If the money from the criminal activity in question is related to a course of conduct, there may be multiple charges. This could result in significant prison time (two years to life, depending on the amount of money laundered) in the event of a conviction.

As you can imagine, with so much at stake, it is crucial that you have an experienced white-collar criminal attorney in your corner from the very beginning. Waiting until your case is already moving through the justice system is not a good idea if you want the best outcome possible. Houston white-collar criminal defense lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak can begin building your defense to your charges of money laundering as soon as you hire him, and the sooner he is on your case, the sooner he can determine what evidence the prosecutor has and whether there is a plea deal to be had. As with any criminal offense, it is important that you refrain from speaking to anyone regarding the crime until you have spoken with attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak.

I Have Been Charged with a White-Collar Crime—When Should I Hire an Attorney?

White-collar crimes generally include non-violent criminal offenses, including embezzlement, fraud, extortion, bribery, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, labor racketeering, cybercrime, copyright infringement, money laundering, identity theft, and forgery. Even though these are non-violent crimes, many are charged as felonies under Texas law and have significant penalties. It is important that you contact an experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney immediately once you are charged with a white-collar crime.

It is equally important that you not speak to anyone at all regarding your criminal charges until you have spoken to an experienced white-collar criminal defense attorney like Nathaniel Pitoniak. There are many different tactics attorney Pitoniak can take that will affect the final outcome of your white-collar criminal charges, and the sooner he knows what evidence the state or federal government has against you, the better able he is to defend against your charges. Far too many people fail to take white-collar criminal charges as seriously as they warrant—do not make this mistake. Contact Nathaniel Pitoniak today.

I Have Been Charged with a Sex Crime—When Should I Hire an Attorney?

Most criminal accusations come with a presumption of innocence, however, accusations of a sex crime can result in an immediate judgment by family, friends, the community at large, and, of course, law enforcement. Even though many of these cases based only on the accusation of the alleged victim with no corroborating evidence, once an allegation of sexual misconduct is made, the alleged victim is likely under significant pressure to stick to the original story. Contacting a Houston criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible following charges of a sex crime is the most important thing you can do following an allegation.

Criminal defense lawyer Nathaniel Pitoniak can ensure you take your right to remain silent seriously while he gathers and preserves evidence that could potentially be lost with the passage of time. Attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak will work with the District Attorney’s Office to ensure all exculpatory or mitigating evidence is presented prior to charges being indicted when timing permits. Having a strong legal advocate to fight false allegations of a sex crime can help you clear your name in ways nothing else can. Aside from the social stigma you will face after being charged with a sex crime, you could face extremely serious penalties should you be convicted of a sex crime, including a significant prison sentence, steep fines, and you could be required to be on the registry for convicted sex offenders.

Attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak Will Fight for Your Rights

Whatever criminal offense you have been charged with, Nathanial Pitoniak has the experience, skills, and knowledge to fight for your future and will do everything possible to ensure the best outcome possible following your charges. Contact Houston criminal defense attorney, Nathaniel Pitoniak, today.