Bench Warrant in Harris County

In recent years, changes have taken place to the bonding system.  The procedure you follow to post bond on your criminal case depends on the court where your case landed.  In some cases, a criminal defense lawyer you have hired can approach the judge and request that a bond be set.  This will enable you to “walk through” the bond, a process where you go to jail and get fingerprinted and processed without having to spend the night in jail.  

How to Post Bond?

Some judges refuse to set a bond on cases with warrants without you turning yourself in first. An experienced criminal defense lawyer in Harris County, Texas can help guide you through this process.  In prior years, a bond schedule determined with some precision the amount your bond would be. However, magistrates have the discretion to set the bond according to what they believe is appropriate in each case now.  Sometimes this results in pre-trial bonds where a defendant does not need to post any money to make bond.